St Matthew's C of E Primary School

Sports and Swimming


 Our children benefit from a vast and inclusive range of sporting opportunities both on and off site. They receive specialist teaching in a wide range of sports to develop the physical, social and emotional well-being of our children. This is also supplemented by the provision of other more specialist adventurous sporting opportunities such as NICAS level 1 Climbing award, orienteering and fencing to encourage children to participate in a wider range of sports.

The Kite Primary Federation also has a mixed KS2 Football team that plays in the Bassetlaw league that encourages children to play competitive sports. Our links with Tuxford Academy provide many more opportunities for the children to play competitively with other local schools and also enables us to use PE equipment which they have, for example in gymnastics and trampolining. 

The Kite Primary Federation has joint competitive Sports Days which gives children the chance to excel outside of the classroom.

children fencing



Currently children in Year 3 , 4, and 5 go swimming weekly in the Autumn Term at Dukeries Leisure Centre in Ollerton.  They are taught by swimming instructors from Nottinghamshire County Council. Swimming is a statutory provision within the curriculum and the effectiveness of our swimming programme is reported annually within our Sport Premium report.