St Matthew's C of E Primary School

School Day

The timings for our school day at St. Matthews are shown below. 

Drop off Times

Drop off at 8.40 am- school gate opens 

The children wait on the playground until the whistle for the start of school goes at 8.45am. to signal the compulsory start of the school day. There is a member of staff on the playground to safeguard the children playing. 
At that time we ask all parents, family members to leave the playground as quickly as possible so the school gates can be locked. 

Pick up Times
The compulsory end of the school day is 3.15pm. Please pick up at this time outside Class 1 doors or Class 2 doors. The children will be released by a staff member when they see their trusted adult. 

 The total time per week in school including breaks and lunchtimes is 32 hours and 30 minutes.