St Matthew's C of E Primary School

School Meals and Milk

School meals are provided daily by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Catering Services. They are nutritionally balanced to provide a healthy meal for children. These meals are very popular with the children.

Our school menu can be accessed through:

If you child has a medical allergy to a food please make an appointment to meet with the school cook to discuss this.

The children can also bring in a packed lunch to have and we would like to remind you that school is a Healthy Eating School and so chocolate bars and fizzy drinks are not permitted in lunch boxes.

Children in Key Stage 1 are given a piece of fruit to have as a snack . Children in Key Stage 2 are invited to bring in a piece of fruit from home to have as a snack if they wish to do so. 


Free School Meals 

Further information on Free School Meals and details on how to make an application can be found at: Nottinghamshire County Council - Free School Meals



Free milk is available for:

  • children under the age of five in school or daycare
  • children receiving free school meals. The eligibility criteria for free milk entitlement is exactly the same as for free school meals

If you are eligible and would like to register your child for free school milk please contact the school office.

 If your child is over five:

  1. Register your child online at
  2. Milk usually costs around £18 a term. By registering online, you’ll be able to make a payment straightaway. If your payment is received by 5pm on a Tuesday, your child will receive milk the following week.

Please see the Cool Milk Information Sheet below for further information: